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Brazilian Girl Channel | Aduro | LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Brazilian Girl Channel | Aduro | LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

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Darcy also known as "Brazilian Girl Channel" is a content creator originally from Brazil that resides in Los Angeles, who aims to share her knowledge on beauty tips and how to age gracefully. On her channel she shares several beauty tips that anyone can follow. She also enjoys making honest product reviews on beauty tools and skincare products!


How Long does a treatment last?
We advise doing 1 treatment of 20 minutes every day using the built-in timer. The most important thing to get results from light therapy is consistency. Therefore we advise you to use it every day for 20 minutes to get the best results.

How often can I use the Aduro Facial Mask?
You can use the Aduro Facial Mask every day for 20 minutes. In order to see optimal results you need to use it regularly.

Can I use cosmetics with a treatment?
The Aduro facial masks are designed to be used with your favourite cosmetics. Be careful not to use fatty substances (like creme) during the treatment, as they can block the light from reaching your skin


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Step 1
Cleanse Your Face And Remove All Makeup With Your Favorite Skin Care Products.
Step 3
Place The LED Mask On Your Face And Affix The Straps At The Back Of Your Head.
Step 3
Push The Red Button And Select Your Desired Treatment Using The Device Controller. After 20 Minutes The Mask Automatically Turns Off.

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Julia Roberts

Aduro | LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

March, I am all in #aduro


Aduro | LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Finally a led light therapy mask that's easy to put on!!! Led light really works with consistency! Red light is for anti-aging which is my favorite...thank u


Aduro | LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

No to zaczynam terapie swiatlem. najnowoczesniejsza "maseczka" na twarz Aduro ps. Chcialam buc IronManem no i jestem dreams come true


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Absolutely! RLT has an extensive track record of effectiveness. Thousands of studies have shown that this drug-free and natural process is beneficial. RLT can treat a wide range of issues including but not limited to, skin conditions, arthritis, inflammation, dementia, tendonitis, hair loss, dental pain, and osteoarthritis. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, Red Light Therapy is a rousing success.

Is It Safe?

Is It Safe?

How Do I Use My Red Light?

How Do I Use My Red Light?

How Often Should I Use My Lamp?

How Often Should I Use My Lamp?

When Should I Do My Treatment?

When Should I Do My Treatment?

What Wavelength Are Lumired Lamps?

What Wavelength Are Lumired Lamps?

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